Global Trancemission

Approaching Hyperspace

by Darkstarcruiser

Released 2012
Global Trancemission Music
Released 2012
Global Trancemission Music
Do you like Space Rock or Psychedelic? Then this album will take you on a trip to far flung galaxies. Deeper than the first album here are 10 new tracks of complex spacey synths expertly blended with guitars to produce that unique Darkstarcruiser vibe.
Following on one year from the "Stargazer" album comes the new album Approaching Hyperspace. The style picks up from the previous album and then develops into a much deeper blending of blinding synths and guitars to form complex patterns that will send you off to new experiences of spacey delight.
Darkstarcruiser has created 10 new tracks here that are even better produced than "Stargazer". Listening through a good set of headphones turned up loud is thoroughly recommended or down low late at night for chilling out. This album rocks but also has appeal for ambient listening.
The album has been made completely with hardware synths and for the most part the overdubs are played in live giving the album a much more organic feel than the usual sequenced electronic works.
Darkstarcruiser has spent many years perfecting techniques of using hardware arpeggiators and live synth parts and blending guitars into the mix seamlessly which is no easy task.
So to sum up here is a brand new album of all new material that exceeds the previous one and takes Space Rock and Psychedelic Rock into the future.

Enjoy and have a safe trip into the unknown reaches of your own inner universe !!!!