Global Trancemission

Infinite Space

by Global Trancemission

Released 2006
Released 2006
Global Trancemissions Ambient Experimental project of soundscapes that will take you on a journey into Infinite Space, a stunning soundtrack for an unmade sci-fi movie of Hollywood proportions, or just for innerspace's up to you .
Infinite Space is a concept album of Ambient Soundscapes with a theme of Space and Infinity. Sometimes dark these tracks each take you on a journey only limited by your own imagination.
The music has often been likened to Klaus Schulze due to its experimental nature but also has influences like the music of Steve Roach and John Serrie.
Most of these tracks have “Zero Beats” and are pure ambient in nature. The absence of percussion and basslines actually adds to the music. The mind seems to create it’s own subconscious pulse that makes the music flow. Also the absence of rhythms makes the sounds breathe and stand out in clarity. Many of the listeners have said that there is a real feeling of Space in these tracks and that you feel as if you are actually there floating in Space.
The sounds you will hear are incredible ethereal pads that morph into each other seamlessly creating spacial harmonies, Sometimes parts of the tune will become more ambient and experimental with some unheard before sequences and effects that have been specially created for these tracks.
The use of completely original sounds and the production techniques used is the strength that has made Global Trancemission a firm favourite amongst many of the other internet based musicians.

Here are some of the reviews about these tracks:

Waiting for this... and now we have it: chilling music created by an incredible sound wizard!
"Pulsar" follows the path of the pioneers like Klaus Schulze - with the sound of today!
Dark and bright though, this inner space travel is, almost too exciting for a meditative time.
We're travelling with this cluster of unearthly, beautiful-mysterious pads, falling deeper and deeper towards the center of the galaxy.

INGROWN said about PULSAR:
What a journey! This isnt as cold as Cryogenic sleep, it explores more of the warmer regions of the galaxies. An immaculate mix with great chord progressions and unreal ambience and depth. The atmosphere is absolutely hypnotizing. The tune is flowing smoothly and effortlessly, it is progressing and changing almost subconsciously. The changes in sound texture, the different chord progressions, the pitch-bending, everything is in perfect harmony!

Mornings never felt better than watching from the moon. Just like the surface this track is weightless, gently floating from one glorious point to the next. You can almost feel those rays.

Man that was absolutely wonderful. I think that is one the very finest pieces of ambient I have ever heard. As ever a beautiful piece.
The song description becoming a part of the song
Travelling time as you describe, watching the universe in a time lapse manner, I can well imagine would feel like this sounds.
Superb atmosphere, wonderful imagination, and flawless musicianship.
The tension at the 4min mark,is pure bliss. SUPERB WORK!

Uplifting introduction makes you close your eyes and visualise. The perfectly programmed soundscapes will paint images in your subconsious mind if you let them, and that is how this genre transmits it's message. Beautiful visualisation of infinity, one of the most interesting concepts that I like thinking about. High quality music and production.

You can hear all of these tracks in their entire length and read more reviews at where there are other tracks in different genres also.

About the Artist:

Infinite Space is the first official CD released by Global Trancemission, an award winning artist based in the UK. In 2004 Global Trancemission was voted Best Electronic Artist in the IOMA (International Online Music Awards ) and nominated for Best Soundtrack and Best Instrumental Artist.
The music on this album is a labour of love that was a long time in the making and encompasses many years of learning the many aspects of electronic music production using modern digital techniques that were not available until a few years ago.