Global Trancemission

Astromegatron - Beyond Infinite Space

by Global Trancemission

Released 2008
Released 2008
Cosmic soundscapes for space travelers. Dark ambient sci-fi soundtracks for visualization of unknown galaxies. A journey into the unknown.
ASTROMEGATRON is the second album of Space Soundscapes by Global Trancemission and goes somewhat "Beyond Infinite Space"
The music here goes into deeper darker territory than the previous album and also has some Berlin School influences in some of the tracks.

You will be taking a journey with this album that goes beyond imagination. In fact one listener commented that " as the track developed it seemed like some kind of cosmic doors were opening and closing at various points." The three Darkspace tracks were recorded as a trilogy developing the theme through to the final part as a journey into darker Innerspace. I have extended the journey here by placing tracks in between which seem to help to emphasize the overall theme.

All of the sounds here are my own programmed patches and I have used VST's and computer technology on some of the tracks but on others I have used hardware synthesizers with live overdubs.

The feel of the first album is still maintained here but the soundscapes will take you into much darker and more alien territory.

Note: This album will be on Digital Distribution physical CD will ever be available.