Global Trancemission

Welcome to the Global Trancemission Website

Welcome to my website. My name is Peter C. and I have made music on the web as Global Trancemission since 1999. This domain has also been here since 2006 and it has been long overdue for a fresh look so here we are at the beginning of 2017 with a whole new look.

You will find the official CD Baby albums on here and I will be uploading some other tracks from my archive of Global Trancemission tracks of which there are plenty to choose from. There is a mixture of Ambient, Chillout, Electronic and Experimental and World Fusion material.

Also I have included here my other solo project, Darkstarcruiser which has a more Rock orientated style inspired by Space Rock with guitars.

I have a current project called The Infinite Trip which is a group project with my good friend Jules who is a Singer, Songwriter who shares my love of Psychedelic music and this has it's own website at Please check this out as we have recorded 6 albums together and they are all on this site.

Hope you all enjoy the music and feedback is always welcome on the Contact page.